Other Publications

PhD Thesis
Architect, Engineer or Builder? A history of professional demarcation through practice and discourse, Pune (India) 1930-1992
      PHD Thesis, 2020 
      Sarah Melsens


Intermingled Interests: Social Housing, Speculative Building, and Architectural Practice in 1970s and 1980s Pune (India)
      ABE Journal - Architecture Beyond Europe, 2022 
      Sarah Melsens

The architectural production of India's everyday modernism: middle-class housing in Pune, 1960-1980
      ABE Journal - Architecture Beyond Europe, 2019
      Sarah Melsens

Conference Papers                                                                                     

Technical Writings as Political: Building Manuals and Pattern Books from British  
      India (1880-1947)

     Timber and Construction. Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the    
     Construction History Society, 2022
     Sarah Melsens

The emergence and impact of vocational training in the building trades in Pune
  (India): an analysis of three institutes

    Sarah Melsens, Priyanka Mangaonkar

Architect-entrepreneurs in post-independence Pune (India)
     Sarah Melsens

Shaping India's cities, the changing role of stakeholders in construction since
      independence (1947)

       Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress on Construction History, 03-07         June, 2015, Chicago, United States, 2015
      Sarah Melsens